SKETCH QUILLS: Springy Ink Pens for Procreate.

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I love sketching in ink! I love the look of bold, deliberate lines searching out form.  Much of the pen and ink brushes you find in digital applications are for finishing, where the line may vary from thin to thick, or the nib shape will change up, but that's about it.

But what about starting? I often find with sketching I need ink brushes to do more. My creative skills fire spastically at best; what I need from digital brushes is enough of a dialog with the tool that I remain engaged and stimulated by the process. I've designed these Procreate brushes with that in mind. They serve up enough quirks and random variation that laying down strokes seem like a happy adventure. But they're never so strange or gadgety that you can't use them to start AND finish a piece.

So if you're looking for a pencil-sketch alternative, give them a try. With 80 brushes to chose from you're bound to find something that clicks.

See examples of these SKETCH QUILLS in action here.

If you can, PLEASE DONATE to download! I can't tell you how grateful I am for your contributions. They help fund future brush development, and make it worthwhile to continue to offer these brushes to those who can't afford it otherwise. I'm willing to keep this grand experiment alive for as long as I can do it: having your support is crucial.

Install instructions: Procreate has made the install process easy! Navigate to where the files have been downloaded. If you complete the Gumroad transaction directly on the iPad, the brushset files show up in the files app(look in the downloads section). Simply tap on a brushset and the brush files automatically install in Procreate: Procreate opens up and the brushset files show up at top of your brush list.

You should download the whole pack as a brushset, but I've also included all 80 brushes should you need them for legacy sake. 

Even more great brushes coming soon! Follow me on twitter for more information.


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SKETCH QUILLS: Springy Ink Pens for Procreate.

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