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Concept Megapack for Procreate

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Introducing the Concept Megapack–over 200 Procreate brushes designed to jumpstart your digital ideation. I've separated them into 7 handy bundles:

• Texture brushes–create backgrounds and add surface interest.

• Foliage brushes–all brand new! spread growing vegitation in your art.

• Wood brushes–explore various wood grains, barks, even whole thickets and forests.

• Elements brushes–draw clouds, smoke, snow, sunbeams, rain and water caustics.

• Rock brushes–create mountains, stone, cliffs and crags.

• Hatch brushes–overlay hand-made marks and tics.

• Geo brushes–make anything mechanical-looking easier.

All are exclusive and new to this bundle, and all are rights-approved to use with your professional work. Have at it! I think you'll find them useful!

Btw: you can check out larger thumbnails over at behance: click here.

***Installing Procreate Brushsets: Once downloaded to your iPad, navigate to the file app. Open the file app and tap on the downloads section. You’ll find the brushset files there. Tap a brushset file and it automatically opens Procreate and installs. You’ll find your new brushset atop your brush list.

note: Apple and Procreate make it super easy to install, but if you run into problems, one way to troubleshoot is to download from a desktop or laptop machine and move the .brushset files onto a cloud server like iCloud, Dropbox, etc. That way, you can make sure they’ve downloaded totally: they then show up on your iPad and you can download as usual.

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250 brushes with a wide variety of possible uses. Unrestricted: can be used with any commercial projects.


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Concept Megapack for Procreate

56 ratings
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