ProHatch: Great Marks for Procreate

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ProHatch: a Collection of Hatch, Woodcut and Engraving Brushes for Procreate.

Welcome to ProHatch: Great Marks for Procreate. You'll discover tons of useful brushes that add interest and hand-made detail to your artwork.

Start from scratch or use them to quickly build-up and enhance your existing pieces. Either way, you've got choices, and with over 300 brushes I'm sure you'll find a stylistic fit!

You get:

  • 150 cover brushes for smooth, steady buildup.
  • 150 scatter brushes perfect for random, non-repeating marks.
  • The HOT 20: A condensed set for you to jump in and get started.

Check out my behance page for a booklet that has examples and tips for use!

***Installing Procreate Brushsets: Once downloaded to your iPad, navigate to the file app. Open the file app and tap on the downloads section. You’ll find the brushset files there. Tap a brushset file and it automatically opens Procreate and installs. You’ll find your new brushset atop your brush list.

note: Apple and Procreate make it super easy to install, but if you run into problems, one way to troubleshoot is to download from a desktop or laptop machine and move the .brushset files onto a cloud server like iCloud, Dropbox, etc. That way, you can make sure they’ve downloaded totally: they then show up on your iPad and you can download as usual.

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150 cover brushes
150 scatter brushes
The Hot 20 starter set


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ProHatch: Great Marks for Procreate

51 ratings
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