BIG WET SET: 174 all-new watercolor, gouache, and ink brushes for Procreate.

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You've found the BIG WET SET! It's a huge group of 174 watercolor, gouache and ink brushes for Procreate. Yes, they are all new and created for this bundle! And yes, they take full advantage of the improvements in Procreate's v5 brush engine. That means brushes that are more dynamic and responsive. They sandwich 2 brushes together at once, giving you very realistic natural media effects.

You get:

• Over 100 water-based natural media brushes. They're great all-rounders and are excellent at line work, wash work, and with the smudge tool.
• 39 specially designed liners that push water effects to the extreme: extra-bleedy, extra-fringey, extra-loose!
• 19 specialty brushes that give you strong wet edges, wet mixing and spot texture infill.
• 14 sponge and rag brushes for covering a lot of ground quickly.
• A bonus! 10 watercolor paper images: you can opt to use one as an overlay layer, introducing an over-all texture that helps knit your final image together and reduce bald, blended patches in your work.
• A 15 page getting started pdf that points you in the right direction.

I love this set! It turns Procreate into the ultimate field kit, giving you lots of water-based options anywhere you want to work. I hope you'll find them as useful as I do.

**Requirements: Procreate for iPad, version 5 and above.

Install instructions: Procreate has made the install process easy! Navigate to where the files have been downloaded. If you complete the Gumroad transaction directly on the iPad, the brushset files show up in the files app(look in the downloads section). Simply tap on a brushset and the brush files automatically install in Procreate: Procreate opens up and the brushset files show up at top of your brush list.

I want this!

You'll get 174 digital brushes bundled into six separate sets, 10 watercolor papers, image size A4 (3508x2480px). Plus a getting started pdf to point you in the right direction.

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BIG WET SET: 174 all-new watercolor, gouache, and ink brushes for Procreate.

176 ratings
I want this!