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FLORA: Vegetation brushes for Procreate

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FLORA: custom vegetation brushes for Procreate, the amazing iPad sketching app!

I've assembled over 90 brushes that help artists express mass, tone, texture in nature. Tuned for the iPad and Apple Pencil, they're great for illustrators, concept artists, designers, architects–just about any artist wanting to lay down some verdant growth. 

You can check out the brushes in action here.

If you can, PLEASE DONATE to download! I can't tell you how grateful I am for your contributions. They help fund future brush development, and make it worthwhile to continue to offer these brushes to those who can't afford it otherwise. I'm willing to keep this grand experiment alive for as long as I can do it: having your support is crucial.

I've packed all 91 brushes into a single zip file.

Even more great brushes coming soon! Follow me on twitter for more information.

UPDATE: FLORA 2 Expands the Goodness!

If you find FLORA brushes useful, then you'll love FLORA 2. It's an expanded set that gives you 150 more brushes. Bonus stuff too! Download the sampler pack from your Gumroad Library, or order the whole new set here.

Thanks, and happy sketching!


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FLORA: Vegetation brushes for Procreate

2439 ratings
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